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А wine worthy of Angels

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It has been known since ancient times that the angels of heaven descend on earth every night to take their share of barrels filled with the divine drink. And because winged creatures are fleshless and humble, their share called "Angel's Share" is only a few percent of the volume of barrels that wine producers then happily topped up. Whether they hope in this way to pacify the gods, or think that this ragweed will return through the celestial creatures to the plants on which all their labor depends, is not so important. The main thing is that most of the elixirs worthy of angels are left for us - humans.

Inspired by this heavenly story, in the beginning of this autumn, Midalidare Estate will share with the wine lovers a part of their Angels Share. The new wine of the same name will be varietal made by Syrah and will be offered at an attractive price.

"Our idea is to market the highest quality product at an affordable price. It is certainly a challenge, but our experience so far has shown that we can achieve it, "says Midalidare Estate Manager Alexander Alexiev. According to him, Angels Share is aimed at people who have a wine culture, consume wine regularly and look for good wines, but are not willing to pay a high price for it. Therefore, its price in the shops will be in the range of 15-20 BGN. Thus, the wine can be offered at reasonable prices and in good restaurants, despite the serious charges that are being worked there. The initial vintage 2016 is relatively small, but next year “the Angels have promised to leave us a bigger share”, Alexiev spoke in jest.

"We chose Syrah because we dare to say that it is developing exceptionally well at Midalidare and is probably our pride red variety," explains the manager of the estate. This is evidenced by the numerous accolades of Grand Vintage series wines, with Syrah du Monde and Wine Enthusiast being the most recent awards. The vineyard in the Dabovets area, where the Angel`s Share grapes come from, is currently in the process of bio-certification and soon at Midalidare are expecting confirmation that the grapes are grown according to best organic production practices and quality requirements.

In addition to quality and attractive price, Angel`s Share also captures a modern and attractive look that is different from anything else on the market. Its author is Italian designer Romano Alberti, working for Links Grafica agency, serving the most popular wine producers in the Franciacorta area and designer of the impressive Timechangers watch series. The label depicts a stylized angel enjoying his "angel’s share" of wine.

For Midalidare Estate admirers this will not be the last pleasant surprise for this year. Before Christmas, the winery will also present its first sparkling wine on the market, which Alexander Alexiev promised to tell us about shortly. Especially because for its production, the construction of a new, third winery with a capacity of 50,000 bottles per year is soon starting. Much of the winemaking process wiil be available to the tourists who will be able to see the traditional methods of sparkling winemaking, storing and maturing of the sparkling wines as it is in Champagne.

Whether with new products or new experiences, the pleasant surprises of Midalidare Estate will continue. And in the heart of Sredna Gora mountain are still making wines worthy of both wine lovers and angels.


Source: DiVino

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