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Red wines

Midalidare red wines, whether varietal or blended, reveal luxurious aromas and fascinate with their terroir characteristics. The specific climate conditions and soil composition in Mogilovo are a prerequisite for creating elegant, full-bodied and complex wines with exceptional aging potential.

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Rose wines

Rose wine is wonderful at any time of the year. The unique style of Midalidare shines in each of the four estate wines, and the audience favorites - Rose de Mourvedre and Rose de Mourvedre Single Barrel, are the only regional rose wines produced solely from this French variety; аn outfielded grape variety for Bulgaria.

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White wines

The blessing of the great temperature amplitudes shines through Midalidare white wines. Varietal or blend, matured or not, all Whites are elegant and fresh, revealing the unique terroir in Mogilovo.

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Sparkling wines

A dream came true. Midalidare Sparkling wines charmed the audience and are already internationally honored as one of the great Bulgarian sparklings made according to traditional sparkling winemaking. Мastery of winemakers and the great passion of creating the pearls of Midalidare fill up each mouthful of Midalidare Sparkling.

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