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There is some good in this world

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This is not a piece of news. At least not a wine one. This is a true story, whose main hero is Borislav, a member of the Midalidare team. The story is about the Good, which we witness rarely and meet even more rarely. At the first sight a daily experience which does not mean a lot for many people, but for a young girl it becomes a rescue. The story is set on one of the capital boulevards at rush hour. The traffic jam is enormous, there are many cars and everybody hurries without paying attention of what is happening around. Borislav sees on the road a fallen young lady and her dog, avoided by everyone. He stops his car, gets down and carries to the pavement the lady which asks him to bring her something sweet for eating. Borislav goes to the nearest shop to buy a chocolate and calls the ambulance. The girl is already in a better condition but does not remember what had happened and seeks for her dog before getting into the ambulance. The animal has been scared and has run away, in a few minutes Borislav finds the dog and takes it back to the young lady.

It is clear that everyone has difficulties in life, and everyone  is swallowed by his own sorrow.

But it is also clear that  the assistance of persons in distress or  just the gesture of giving a smile is inherent the people with big hearts. The whole team of Midalidare is proud that Borislav is a part of the company. His kindness cannot be estimated in material terms but deserves respect and compliments. And a smile!


The happiness and the goodness are viral. Even one smile is enough!

Have a smiling day from the team of Midalidare!

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