Midalidare Sparkling wines on the road to success

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Midalidare sparkling wines are on the road to success for the third year in a row. At official virtual ceremony of The Champagne & Sparkling Wine World Championships 2021 directly from London UK, our sparkling wines was awarded two gold and four silver medals, two Best in Class trophy and National Champion trophy.

Meet our medalists:

Midalidare Sparkling Gold Magnum

  • Gold medal
  • Best in Class Bulgarian Magnum
  • Best in Class Bulgarian Blanc de Blancs
  • National Champion, Best Bulgarian Sparkling Wine


Midalidare Sparkling Blue Magnum

  • Gold medal


Midalidare Sparkling Brut

  • Silver medal


Midalidare Sparkling Brut Magnum

  • Silver medal


The CSWWC is the most professional, focused, and selective competition for all serious-minded, quality-conscious Champagne and Sparkling Wine producers.

  • All stages are judged totally blind.
  • All wines are poured into coded glasses before being served to the judges.
  • The judges do not see any bottles, not even covered bottles.

Stage One: Awarding Medals, tasted strictly by origin and style.

Stage Two: All Gold medal wines are re-tasted side-by-side to select the Best in Class.

Stage Three: Best in Class within each country compete for Regional Champions (by appellation) if there is a recognizable region and there are sufficient entries from that region.

Stage four: Regional Champions and any non-aligned Best in Class within each country compete for National Champions.

Stage Five: All Best in Class (not just Regional and National Champions) compete for six World Champions by Style.

Stage Six: All National Champions compete for Supreme World Champion.

The Hierarchy

Medals (Only Gold and Silver wines considered winners, just Golds for Deluxe Champagnes.)

Best in Class (Mostly by Style, but also includes other categories)

Regional Champions (The highest scoring wine of each Appellation)

National Champions (The highest scoring wine of each country)

World Champions by Style (Six icons of style)

Supreme World Champion (The highest scoring wine in the competition)

Special Trophies (Best Deluxe Champagne, Best Grower Champagne, Chairman’s Trophy, Sparkling Wine Producer of the Year)



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