Carpe Diem Rose

Appelation and origin: Wine Rose from Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah “Carpe Diem” from Bulgaria, PGI Thracian Lowlands, Mogilovo. Midalidare estate grown and bottled.

Vineyard: Karaliets, Dabovets (Bio certified) and Shipkata vineyards.

Grape variety: Blend of 60% Cabernet Sauvignon from Karaliets & 40% Syrah from Dabovets and Shipkata.


  • Bio certified (Dabovets),
  • Average altitude 360-390 metres,
  • Hilly terrain with 10% slope,
  • Average to low sandy and clayey soils (Karaliets),
  • Alluvial soils with high presence of limestone (Shipkata),
  • Red clay soils with high presence of iron oxides (Dabovets),
  • South exposure,
  • Mild winter, hot summer,
  • Optimal proportion of sunshine and rainfall,
  • Big temperature amplitude.

Harvest: By hand


  • Cooling,
  • Double sorting and press,
  • Cold soak,
  • Slow fermentation in stainless steel vats,
  • Maturation on the lees.

Ageing: Unaged.

Maturity: Mature. Keep up to 2 years.

Volume: 375ml, 750ml, 1500 ml, Bag-in-Box 3000 ml.

Closure: Screw cap / Cork / Bag-in-Box.

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Carpe Diem is Midalidare's brand for friends, for fun, for everyday moments in life. The brand consists of red, rose and white wine, all of them blended of several varieties. Carpe Diem wines are young, vibrant and expressive. They are suitable for every taste, every moment and are excellent paired with variety of dishes. With Carpe Diem wines, emotions come to life in the enjoyment of the present.


Vines are of French origin, at average age of 16 years for Cabernet and 10 years for Syrah. The forming is double vertical shoot positioning (VSP or double guyot). Regulation of production is twofold - the first operation is always done when the height of the shoots is 15-20 cm. The second regulation is made when the bunches start to change color, in the veraison period. Leaf mass regulation is made on Syrah vines three times during the growing period.

Tasting notes

Fascinating light pink color with fine grey shades. Delicate aroma of berries, strawberry leaf and lemon. The taste is perfectly balanced, dominated by strawberry and grapefruit. Carpe Diem Rose is light, fresh and harmonious wine, long and mineral finish. 

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Winemaking notes

The harvest for Carpe Diem Rose begins a bit earlier comparing the one of the same grape varieties for red wine. Grapes are hand-picked in the early morning and carried out with 10-12 kg boxes. After 24-hour cooling the grapes are carefully double sorted by hand. At first the whole clusters are sorted and after being destemmed, the second sorting of the grapes is carried out. The fine selection of grapes is sent by gravity for gentle pressing. A cold soak for 24 to 48 hours takes place in order to allow aromas from the skin to penetrate the grape juice. The grapes are than strained and delicately pressed into stainless-steel tank with a capacity of 500 to 5000 litres. Clarification for a few days preceded the yeasts introduction and slow fermentation for about two weeks at controlled temperature. Upon finishing the fermentation, the wine is cooled and kept on the lees for 30-50 days, batonnage (stirring) is carried out if necessary. Filtration, clarification, blending and bottling complete the winemaking process.

Serving suggestions

  • Food pairing: Excellent as an aperitif. Pairs lovely with fish, seafood, white meat, lean red meats, spicy food, fruity desserts. Perfect match for duck Confit, shrimp Fajitas, grilled salmon.
  • Serving temperature: 9-13°C.
  • Recommended glass: Flared Lip Rose glass (tall stem, flared rim)  or regular White wine glass.
  • Storage: Cool and dark place, at temperature 8-12°С.



residual sugar: 1.2 g/l

ph: 3.19

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