Midalidare Sparkling Brut 0.75L

Midalidare Deluxe Brut NV

Appelation and origin: Sparkling wine from Bulgaria, Chardonnay Brut “Midalidare Deluxe”, traditional sparkling winemaking Blanc de Blancs, Thracian Lowlands, Mogilovo. Midalidare estate grown and bottled.

Vineyard: Prisovete and Dabovets (Bio certified).

Grape variety: 100% Chardonnay from Prisovete and Dabovets.


  • Organic certified vineyard (Dabovets),
  • Altitude 350-390 metres above sea level,
  • Hilly terrain with 10% slope,
  • Alluvial soils with presence of clay and slime, with a high content of carbonates (Prisovete),
  • Clayey soils with high presence of limestone (Dabovets),
  • Limited sunlight exposure,
  • Northern air currents from the wide valleys,
  • Mild winter, hot summer,
  • Optimal proportion of sunshine and rainfall,
  • Big temperature amplitude.

Harvest: By hand, in the beginning  of August.


  • Whole-cluster pressing,
  • Stainless steel fermentation,
  • Bottling and Secondary bottle fermentation,
  • Maturation (on the lees),
  • Remuage (ridding),
  • Degorgement (disgorgement),
  • Dosage,
  • Poignettage (shaking) and mirage (inspection),
  • Bottle ageing

Maturation: At least 24 months.

Maturity: Mature. Could benefit from further ageing. Keep 10 years and more.

Volume: 750ml., 1500ml.

Closure: Cork, Diam Cork (MYTIK DIAM)

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Following the principles and practices built over the centuries in already recognized wine regions the Midalidare Sparkling Wine project was launched. Midalidare Deluxe NV was presented on the market in 2018. The wine made according to the traditional method of sparkling winemaking, with bottle fermentation, at least 24 months ageing on the lees and with exceptional attention to detail.


Chardonnay vines are at average age of 8 years in vintage 2021. The orientation of rows is East-West, with northern exposure. The forming is single vertical shoot positioning (VSP or singe guyot), the density is 5000 plants per hectare. The yield is controlled at 9-10 ton/ha. Regulation of production, e.g., green pruning is made when the height of the shoots is 15-20 cm. Also, an important viticulture practice is controlling the water balance. The harvest for sparkling winemaking grapes precedes the one for still winemaking and usually starts two-three weeks earlier.

Tasting notes

Shiny, golden-yellow color with a green reflection. The mousse is rich, ample, and prolonged. The nose is dominated by ripe apple with a pleasant citrus bitterness. On the palate aromas of  green apple and citrus peel take over. Midalidare Deluxe Brut NV is fresh, tensed, full-bodied wine with good structure. Persistent finish is complimented by elegant apple citrusy aftertaste.

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Winemaking notes

The harvest takes place in the early mornings, in the beginning of August. Manually harvested grapes are carried out with 10-12 kg boxes and cooled for 24 hours.

The winemaking process starts with step-by-step fractioned whole-cluster pressing and separating the fractions. Clarification, decanting and primary fermentation at controlled temperature precede the ageing on the lees, blending and cold stabilization. Then, sterile filtration and yeasts introduction are the preparation for the fermentation in bottle. A few hours after the wine is bottled, stopped with a crown cap and stored in a wine cellar horizontally for a second fermentation. The second fermentation is carried out for about 40 days at controlled temperature. During the process the pressure inside the bottle increases from 0 to 7 bars. The following process is ageing on the lees at controlled low temperature, for 24 to 60 or more months. After ageing, the bottles undergo a process known as remuage (riddling). Тhe bottles are placed on special racks called pupitres, with the crown cap pointed down. Daily, several times a day, the bottles are given a turn with the angle gradually increased. For the process of degorgement the bottles are placed upside down  and the bottle neck is freezed. The crown cap is then popped off which allows the frozen lees to shoot out of the pressurized bottle. The liquid level is complemented with “liqueur d'expedition” (dosage) and the wine is bottled and corked. The final steps are Poignettage – gentle shaking of the bottles in order to homogenize the dosage, and Mirage or inspection of the limpidity of the wine. At the end of his long winemaking process, Midalidare sparkling wines are aged for at least 3 months in bottle.

Serving suggestions

  • Food pairing: Excellent aperitif. Great match for fried food, crustacean, oily fish, white meat, pasta, hard cheese and desserts. Pair with beer-battered cod and onion rings; smoked salmon and potato galette; biscuit-topped chicken potpie; Tandoori kebabs.
  • Serving temperature: 7-9°C.
  • Recommended glass: Tulip wine glass.
  • Storage: Cool and dark place, at 5-8°С.

aLCOHOL CONTENT: 12.5% vol.


residual sugar: 6.5 g/l

ph: 3.02

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