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Synergy Sauvignon Blanc & Pinot Gris

Synergy Sauvignon Blanc & Pinot Gris

Appelation and origin: PGI Thracian Lowlands, Bulgaria. Midalidare estate grown and bottled.

Vineyard: Shipkata, Prisovete.

Grape variety: Blend of Sauvignon Blanc & Pinot Gris.

Harvest: By hand.


  • Cold soak;
  • Stainless steel fermentation;
  • Maturation (on the lees).

Maturity: Mature. Keep up to 2 years.

Volume: 750ml.

Closure: Glass stopper.

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Some wine blends are timeless. There are also those created during the "New" wine history. Such is the blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Gris - a combination of two typical Old World white varieties successfully adapted to the New World of winemaking.

The brand “Synergy” emphasizes the wonderful interaction between Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Gris at Midalidare. “Synergy” is a blend where two aromatic white varieties complement each other and create the perfect synergy.

Tasting notes

Pure, fine steel-green color. An intriguing nose with a bouquet of fruity and floral notes. The aromas of freshly mown grass, peach blossom, juicy quince and ripe lemon are emphasized by the subtle hints of elderberry, boxwood and white pepper. Midalidare Synergy reveals good structure, excellent balance and elegant freshness. On the palate delicate and subtle aroma of green spices, citrus and quince stand out. The finish is mineral, with a fruity taste.

Winemaking notes

The harvest for Midalidare Synergy takes place in the early mornings. Hand-picked grapes are carried out with 10-12 kg boxes. After immediate 24-hour cooling the grapes are carefully double sorted by hand. At first the whole clusters are sorted and after being destemmed, the second sorting of the grapes is carried out. The finest selection of grapes are sent by gravity for gentle pressing. A cold soak takes place in order to allow aromas from the skin to penetrate the grape juice. The grapes are than strained and delicately pressed into stainless steel vats. Clarification for a few days preceded the yeasts introduction and slow fermentation at controlled temperature. Upon finishing the fermentation, the wine is cooled and kept on the lees for certain period, batonnage is carried out if necessary. Filtration, clarification, blending and bottling complete the winemaking process.

Serving suggestions

  • Food pairing: Goes well with cold meats and salad; quiches and savory flans; wide range of vegetable dishes, but especially oven-roasted vegetables; spicy foods such as green Thai curry or stir fries with ginger; spaghetti with lemon; chili and creamy spinach.
  • Serving temperature: 9-11°C.
  • Recommended glass: Sauvignon Blanc glass (tall stem, slender bowl, narrow rim) or regular White wine glass.
  • Storage: Cool and dark place, at temperature 8-12°С.

aLCOHOL CONTENT: 13.5% vol.


residual sugar: 1.4 g/l

ph: 3.23

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