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Angel’s Share Chardonnay

Appelation and origin: PGI Thracian Lowlands, Bulgaria. Midalidare estate grown and bottled.

Vineyard: Shipkata and Prisovete.

Grape variety: 100% Chardonnay.

Harvest: By hand, from the beginning  to mid-September.


  • Cold soak;
  • Stainless steel fermentation;
  • Maturation (on the lees);
  • Maturation (in barrels).

Ageing: 2 months.

Ageing potential: Mature. Keep up to 3 years.

Volume: 375ml, 750ml.

Closure: Cork.

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It has been known since ancient times that the angels of heaven descend on Earth every night to take their share of barrels filled with the divine drink. And because winged creatures are fleshless and humble, their share called "Angel's share" is only a few percent of the volume of barrels that winemakers then happily topped up. Whether they hope in this way to appease the Gods or think that this ragweed will return through the celestial creatures to the plants on which all their labor depends, is not so important. The main thing is that most of the elixirs worthy of angels are left for us - humans. This is how the wines Angel's Share Syrah and Angel's Share Chardonnay were born: from an inspiring celestial story that gave rise to the desire of Midalidare to share their angel’s share!

Tasting notes

Shining pale golden colour with green hints. The nose is complex, floral, with notes of acacia and white peach, enhanced by fruity aromas of green apple and juicy tropical fruits. The taste is fresh, mineral. Angel’s share Chardonnay is wine with medium body and good structure. The final is long and refreshing.

Winemaking notes

The harvest takes place in the early morning, from the beginning  to mid-September. Hand-picked grapes are carried out with 10-12 kg boxes. After immediate 24-hour cooling the grapes are carefully double sorted by hand. At first the whole clusters are sorted and after being destemmed, the second sorting of the grapes is carried out. The fine selection of Chardonnay grapes is sent by gravity for gentle pressing. A cold soak takes place in order to allow aromas from the skin to penetrate the grape juice. The grapes are than strained and delicately pressed into stainless steel vats. Clarification for a few days preceded the yeasts introduction and slow fermentation at controlled temperature. Upon finishing the fermentation, the wine is cooled and kept on the lees for a certain period of time, batonnage is carried out if necessary. A small percentage of wine matures in used french oak barrels for 2 months. Filtration, clarification, blending and bottling complete the winemaking process.

Serving suggestions

  • Food pairing: Pairs well with fish pie and fish cakes (especially salmon fish cakes) poached salmon or with a buttery sauce, chicken, pork or pasta in a creamy sauce, chicken, ham or cheese-based salads such as Caesar salad or chicken salads that include peach, mango or macadamia nuts, mild curries with buttery sauces.
  • Serving temperature: 9-11°C.
  • Recommended glass: Chardonnay glass (tall stem, large bowl, wide rim) or regular White wine glass.
  • Storage: Cool and dark place, at temperature 8-12°С.



residual sugar: 1.8 g/l

ph: 3.36

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