Innovation today, tradition tomorrow

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It was yesterday when we presented the first fruits of our work, the first wines created at Midalidare. Yesterday and 10 years ago.

A decade has passed, during which we worked hard, developed our skills and took the best from both good and difficult harvests. We followed the traditions and embraced the innovations. In harmony with the wine philosophy of Midalidare, the foundations of which we laid ourselves, we went our way with passion, respect and desire for succeess. We are proud of our achievements, but we continue to enlarge knowledge and improve our work.

We had a great desire to celebrate this anniversary with something exceptional and to build a tradition. We decided to create something new, but also old; traditional and yet modern; something exciting and different, but still like Midalidare.

We blended the two most beloved varieties that never cease to excite with their exceptional development in Mogilovo: Syrah - the embodiment of the aristocracy among wine varieties, and Malbec - the forgotten giant, revived by the New World. We added already bottled old vintage Syrah and even older vintage Malbec.

Thus, Midalidare Multi-vintage was born - an innovation to turn into a future tradition.

Multi-vintage is a non-vintage wine, blend of two varieties from three different vintages: current 2019 and already bottled 2015 and 2013. The varieties and the vintages are selected according to their own characteristics and opportunities to enter the blend. The base is a combination of 68.6% Malbec and 26.7% Syrah from the current 2019, to which are added 2.8% Syrah 2015 from a bottle and 1.9% Malbec 2013 from a bottle. All vintages are made under our Grand Vintage series method of winemaking, as are the open bottles in the Multi-vintage blend.

With this project we celebrate “10 years Midalidare” on the wine scene and set the beginning of a tradition: every next year to create a new "Multi" blend. We hope that the first edition of Multi-vintage will excite you as much as it excites us.

Thank you for being an admirer of Midalidare and for appreciating our work.


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