Midalidare New Zealand Project

The world is in motion. New horizons are revealed, new dreams are born, new plans are made. It's the same in winemaking, it's the same for Midalidare. We are dreaming, we are chasing our dreams, and we are developing, guided by an unquenchable passion for wine. The story of Midalidare is a story of action that turns dreams into reality.

Our dream took us to the other side of the world, to a magical place with wonderful nature and exceptional wines – New Zealand. We wanted to try something different and challenging, to improve our skills, to gain new knowledge. Thus, the idea of creating wine abroad was born.

From Mogilovo to New Zealand

There are a number of reasons for Midalidare to choose New Zealand. Over the years, our winemaking team has worked there, and we have transferred a large amount of our experience to Bulgaria. We have a good knowledge of the region, the terroir, and the specifics of winemaking, as well as many contacts and friends. It is a big challenge to run two campaigns a year, since the harvest in New Zealand starts with the Bulgarian spring. Although on the other side of the world, we found many similarities between Mogilovo and some parts of New Zealand: the terroir, the inspiring nature and the magnificent vineyards. Our passion for Sauvignon Blanc leads straight to a world-renowned Marlborough. Wine production in Bulgaria is still struggling to make its way to international markets, and a wine from New Zealand produced by Bulgarian winemakers would not only enrich our portfolio, but would also contribute to the international promotion and recognition of both Midalidare and Bulgarian wine in general. And last but not least, winemaking there is known not only for exceptional quality and professional work, but also for innovation, breaking with tradition and constant improvement of viticulture and winemaking. This knowledge is extremely valuable to us, as is the opportunity to exchange experiences with New Zealand winemakers.

Like all our projects, we approached this one after careful planning, consideration of the details and painstaking preparation. We chose Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir - the best New Zealand has to offer. Of course, the best grapes come from the best regions - Marlborough and Central Otago. We started with the establishment of Midalidare New Zealand and long-term leases of vineyards in both areas. Viticulture is oriented towards minimal intervention and expression of varietal characteristics. The winemaking is a synergy of New Zealand practices and the philosophy of Midalidare. The wines are produced by Midalidare's winemaking team in shared capacity at the Allan Scott winery and bottled in a state-of-the-art facility.

The Midalidare New Zealand project is still in its infancy. We look forward to the maturation of the Midalidare New Zealand Central Otago “Te Kano” Pinot Noir and the development of our overseas plans. The challenges are always welcome at Midalidare, and we are focused, single-hearted, and consistent in fulfilling our dream.

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