Craiglochart Vineyard

The central part of Marlborough is locked in between two large rivers - the Wairau and the Awatere. There, in the very heart of the Southern Valleys, lies the Waihopai Valley and Craiglochart Vineyard – the home of Midalidare New Zealand Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc.


Craiglochart vineyard is situated along the glacial Waihopai River. The unique microclimate, a result of the river influence and surroundings of relatively high hills, the altitude, the incredible temperatures amplitudes, and the specific profile of the soils are the components of an outstanding terroir for Sauvignon Blanc and its expressive characteristics. The vines are planted on a terrace plateau along the river. The soils are of volcanic origin, sandy, medium to highly stony and highly permeable. Although a prerequisite for spring frosts, the extreme temperature amplitudes ensure optimal grapes acidity.


The Sauvignon Blanc vines are at an average age of 15 years. The clone MS (Mass Selection) is unique, it is grown solely on the territory of New Zealand. The climate is relatively dry, and irrigation water from the Waihopai river is used when necessary. The yield is controlled and reduced. Regulation of production, e.g., green pruning is made when the height of the shoots is 15-20 cm. An innovative viticultural practice is placing gravels from the river around the roots of the vines which help to balance temperature all year round.

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