The year is 2003. A team of wine specialists have taken the challenge of linking the tradition and state of art in winemaking. The task was difficult, as well as the project name: Midalidare! Nevertheless, they succeed. A name you cannot remember, a wine you cannot forget!

It all started by delivery and planting of the first vines at Karaliets vineyard. This is not a random place, but the area has a history in winemaking. The village called Mogilovo not only has a vast, pure, and virgin nature but unique terroir. Choosing the hard way over the easy one shows even in the first harvest.

2009 was the first vintage for Midalidare Estate. The wines were presented on the market and soon attention was attracted, both in Bulgaria and abroad. Harvest by harvest Midalidare wines goes higher in quality and audience appreciation. So far so good.

Achieving goals results in higher expectations and a couple of years after the introduction a former agricultural complex in Mogilovo was renovated and become a modern winery. 2011 was the first vintage vinified at the new winery!

The history of Midalidare is a history of process. The company is constantly developing not only in winemaking, but also in tourism, agriculture and aquaculture. Various practices, methods and developments are constantly being tested, new technologies are being introduced, varietal diversity is being invested, quality is being improved and processes are being optimized. And all development is always in accordance with the nature’s gifts, always socially driven in accordance with the corporative philosophy.

Now, 10 years after the first vintage, Midalidare is recognized as one of the most respected Bulgarian wine producers. The small, young winery became a beautiful estate and attractive destination for exciting wine tourism, preferable for relaxing holiday in the nature with all the benefits of balneotherapy and SPA procedures. The dam of Mogilovo is great for fishing and outing.

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