Midalidare is a company devoted to its mission: to create the highest quality wines made in the best possible way in accordance with its resources and to what nature has to offer. Natural gifts are combined with dedicated work within the long process of creating incredible wines. Year after year, harvest after harvest, a reputation of high-quality wines is built.

The winemaking philosophy of Midalidare was determined along with the establishing of the company. Every single employee, on each level and department has the responsibility and commitment of working within the company’s values. Harvest by harvest the team builds up experience and confidence in doing their job strictly and sequentially. Midalidare has high social responsibility and a priority to ensure safe and appropriate environment for the staff.

The process of winemaking is also dedicated to the company’s mission. Great eye for every detail is involved combined with permanent quality control. Usage of supplements is reduced to minimum; all wines are aged as much as needed, no steps are missed, and no artificial process expedite is applied.

Major part of the company’s philosophy is cleanness. Extreme level of hygiene is applied in the production bases. Vessels and technical elements for winemaking are kept in spotless condition. Making wines is actually a contact with food which people are to consume and offering high quality includes pure, clear product.

Every single person is important. A consumer deserves the best. Therefore, the success of Midalidare is measured by the satisfaction of their customers.

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