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Quality products and customer satisfaction are vital for Midalidare. Major priorities for the company are to create the highest quality, unforgettable, estate grown wines, to satisfy every taste and to offer a unique portfolio. Midalidare does not only create wines, but passion and desire to transform unique natural’s gifts into a masterpiece! High standards require dedication and aspiration and values determine the appearance of the company.

The idea of Midalidare is based on a 10- year passion of creating unique wines. Passion is for people and people is the driving force of Midalidare. Honesty is the core of respectable communication and a great value at the company. Being honest with your customers, partners and yourself is to go straight, to respect and observe the winemaking process in whole. Midalidare adheres to high ethical standards and stands even higher rate for themselves.

Ethics is vital for Midalidare. Respect for the environment and sustainability is of the utmost importance, since it is what secures the business of the company and ensures the standard of living for over 200 employees. Midalidare work is subject to humanity, recycling and environment care. Ecosystems, green zones and gardens at Mogilovo are recovered and maintained. Stara Zagora Zoo is supported. In winemaking great number of operations are made by hand. No pesticides, no insecticides are used which is the main criteria for biological agriculture..

Investments are made for creating, preserving and renovating of the infrastructure. Besides the above mentioned, maintenance of a 2.5 km. asphalt road and a partial sewage system in Mogilovo, Midalidare sets apart funds for renovating the village church and also for a road cleaning machines.

Culture and education and also a significant part of Midalidare activities. There is a long-standing partnership is with National Opera of Stara Zagora, Regional Museum of History of Stara Zagora and State Puppet Theatre - Stara Zagora. Midalidare is supporting and co-working on projects with Thrace University Stara Zagora. Midalidare is hosting cultural events which take place on the premises of the estate: namely the remarkable 3D Street Painting Festival as well as many concerts of Bulgarian and world-famous musicians.

All projects and targets are reviewed annually at Midalidare. The credo of the company is the process of motion. Elaboration, innovations, investments and development are what make a company successful.

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