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Happy 10 Years

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10 years have passed imperceptibly since the presentation of the first wines. Midalidare has been on the market for a decade now and has its place in the hearts of both Bulgarian and international audiences.

The winemakers and agronomists of Midalidare learned many lessons, gained significant experience and got to know the opportunities and natural resources of Mogilovo village. The winery is aiming at strengthening the positions, maintaining the image and improving the quality with each subsequent harvest.

In 10 years, 38 magnificent wines were born, each with its own unique style. Silver Angel and Midalidare Sauvignon Blanc Premium Selection conquered the fans of Sauvignon Blanc, and Angel’s Share Chardonnay and Callista - those of Chardonnay.

Midalidare Syrah is a benchmark with the wines Angel’s Share Syrah, Grand Vintage Syrah and Winemaker’s Choice Syrah, and Malbec hold the field with Grand Vintage Malbec.

Rose wine lovers’ hearts were won by Rose de Murvedre and Rose de Murvedre Single Barrel, and sparkling wine connoisseurs honored Midalidare Sparkling Brut and Midalidare Sparkling Blanc de Blancs.

In just decade, the small and picturesque village of Mogilovo was transformed and returned on the map of Bulgaria not only as a unique wine-growing sub-region, but also as a wonderful place and desired destination for recreation, SPA tourism, entertainment and cultural excursions.

The small winery, already with increased capacity, has become a large estate with a second, larger winery, with a forthcoming opening of special semi-underground base for the production of traditional sparkling winemaking. Completely renovated infrastructure, asphalt road and partial sewerage in the village, renovated and well-maintained parks and green areas and the restored Orthodox church complement the elegant Midalidare Hotel & SPA and modern Gastro Pub, sports facilities and well-managed dam for sport fishing with newly built chalets.

Surrounded by the magnificent nature of Sarnena Sredna Gora, Midalidare estate hosts many sport and cultural events. Over the years, large-scale festivals such as the International 3D Streetpainting Festival and Midalidare Rock in the Wine Valley Festival (whose second edition is forthcoming in 2021) have been held. A number of cultural and sports events have also been a part of the history of the winery: "Cycling and marathon Sredna Gora", "Electric bike, wine and nature", "Folklore magic" ин co-production with the State Puppet Theater Stara Zagora, "Wine with a book", "Painting , wine and pottery in Virtuoso Art ”.

Мany professionals had been Midalidare's guests and partners, such as chefs Leo Bianchi and Uti Bachvarov; the musicians Dee Snider, Gotthard, Doro Pesch, Dirkschneider, "Vocal Trio Grammy", "Mike Sax", "Revival", Vasil Petrov, Preslava Peycheva, Mihaela Marinova, Preya, Nencho Balabanov, Neti, Yasen Velchev; artists Alex Maxiov, Leon Keer, Roberto Carlos Trevino Rodriguez, Frederick Waters, Cuboliquido; the journalist Georgi Toshev; the author Maria Laleva; the figures of the Bulgarian cinema Stefan Komandarev and the Chuchkov brothers.

Ten years have passed since the beginning. Much has been done, sometimes with ease, other times with hard work and great will. But always with love and passion for good wine, quality service and unforgettable experience; always with respect for nature and all its manifestations.

The team of Midalidare is celebratинг тхе first anniversary with pride and gratitude and look forward to the next decade in the history of the winery with faith and hope for the future.


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